Listening to the voice of the customer should become a priority for every company
We create the first, reliable, and objective database of reviews about companies, products, and services on the Internet. You buy safely, having the opportunity to check the rating before the transaction. By adding a review, you share your experience with others. All you need to do is to find a company or product and add a review!
Technology and security
Without fake reviews or censorship - we give our word! Only when you feel safe, you have a chance for successful shopping. Our algorithms verify any fraud attempts. The technology used allows convenient use of our services on any device.
We invite reliable and proven companies to cooperate with us! You can rely on our partners. When creating a company profile, we mainly rely on reviews confirmed by transactions. With a modern mediation module, we enable the amicable resolution of company-customer conflicts. Our solution is a huge support and information center about customer satisfaction.
Honesty and openness is the only right policy
Reviews are effective only if they are appropriate quality and are thoroughly verified. This means to us that:
  • We give no chance for fakes.
  • Reviews from confirmed customers are the most important for us.
  • Negative review is important information, there is no room for censorship.
  • We do not make any changes to the reviews collected from consumers.