Invitation Wizard

Personalize, increase conversion
Email invitations
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Mailing planner

Feel free to ask for feedback: who, when and whenever you want

You choose invitations recipients.
Your options include:

  • Manual entry
  • Copy from email
  • Uploading a file containing many email addresses

You can also use an automatic mailing process using our script, which you include once on the sales finalization page (basket, order confirmation).

TrustMate dashboard

Intelligent feedback form

Get more ratings and comprehensive comments

Use several ways to collect reviews.
You can use:

  • Invitations sent by email
  • Forms on the website
  • Widgets

Customers rate straight from the email, which yields a 40-44% conversion of the reviews given. With auto-suggest feature guaranteeing a large amount of content, the average length of reviews is 210 characters!

Collecting reviews with the TrustMate system
TrustMate dashboard

Customer panel

See the most important statistics immediately after logging in

You get all the most important information on invitations and reviews in one place.

Just take a look to see campaign statistics to help you manage your entire invitations even better.

Viewing reviews

Reach users through multiple channels

Show ratings and reviews in a wide range of widgets. You can customize their appearance to match your website and brand colors. Clicking the widget opens the window with ratings, while simultaneously keeping your page open. Use the integration with Facebook to also present reviews and comments on your fanpage.

Advanced surveys
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React to unfavorable reviews

Start mediation when someone gives you a negative comment. The unfavorable review will be hidden during this time. Talk to customers using a simple chat form. Solve disputes and reach agreements. When this happens, the customer can withdraw their review. If there is no response to the mediation offer, the message "the client has not responded" will appear. The course of the conversation and its reasons can be published.

TrustMate dashboard

Reports and statistics

Analyze the data served in a friendly and readable form

Watch progress in collecting reviews. React when an unfavorable rating alarm occurs. Comment on the received reviews, thank for the best ones. Improve sales and customer service processes with buyer information. Show your clients that the service of each of them is important to you.

Advanced surveys
TrustMate dashboard
Create more than standard reviews


Create more than standard reviews

You can ask clients your own individual questions added to the evaluation form or create a completely new form. You will do all this within one data collection process.

Create surveys examining specific target groups, e.g. training summaries, employee assessments, inquiries concerning planned actions.

You can use various types of questions in the survey, e.g. open, multiple choice, rated or NPS. Finally, you get access to exportable statistics and reports.